Thursday, August 26, 2010

Proud of the pregnant runners

There must be something in the water...or the Gatorade.

3 of the top marathoners in the world are pregnant: Paula Radcliffe (WR holder), Kara Goucher (record for debut marathon), and role model, Deena Kastor (American Record holder).

A few of my buddies from the MCM forum (Elizabeth and Cassie) are also pregnant. All of these women are running through their pregnancies, and one of my friends, Cassie, is even planning on running the MCM while pregnant (she'll be Gallo-walking).

All of these women are really inspiring, and makes me proud to be a female runner. To live in an age when running through pregnancy is not just acceptable, but celebrated, is a big step. Again, I have to give thanks to those who ran before and proved that women could run, it is healthy to run, and encouraged.

I thought about all of this while I was on my 9 miler today. It was about 85 in DC, and I was booking it around the National Mall. How lucky am I to run and not get stares, glares, or looks of disbelief based on my gender. No one seemed skeptical. The world can go back and forth debating barefoot running and static stretching, but I am grateful that this is an issue that has been put to bed.

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  1. Really Deena K is preggo too? Awesome! So cool you get to run around the National Mall. I'm thinking MCM for me next year.