Monday, August 23, 2010

This is what a BA medievalist looks like

This was my recovery week. Which I definitely needed - cycle 3 was tough. Even though I thought it wouldn't be too bad, life has a funny way of keeping me on my toes!

Tuesday, August 17: 2 miles warm-up; Fartlek on roads, 10 fartleks at 90 seconds with 2 minutes easy run rest between each hard effort. 2 miles cool-down. Total mileage: about 9 miles

Wednesday, August 18: Swim - 1000 yards - no breaks (first time ever!)

Thursday August 19: 6 miles easy

Friday, August 20: 4 miles easy and strides (6x150 meters)

Saturday, August 21: Off - Staff Bonding at Ropes Course

Sunday, August 22: 14 miles easy

Total Mileage: About 33 miles

I do enjoy having the long run on the "shorter" end - it does end faster and isn't as daunting as those 18 and 20 milers. I was hoping for cool temperatures, and while that didn't quite happen, there was rain when I started! I put in a lot of hills, and while they were hard, it was also a great confidence booster. If I can deal with all of these rolling hills, surely I can push harder at Rochester (3 weeks away) when the inclines are not so steep! About 7 miles into the run, I felt great, and realized that I was already halfway there. "Come on, keep pushing, you're going to be running for less than an hour, you'll finish soon." The rain was invigorating, and combined with the hills, I felt really good. And when you feel that good, you just gotta fly! And so I did!

Distance: 14.35 miles. Pace: 8:09. That's goal A (3:33) marathon pace! Surely with more rest and the crowd support of the marathon I can sustain something close to that.

Okay, after all of the talk on the Loop, it is time reveal what a BA (bad @$$) medievalist looks like:

Okay, maybe not the scariest or intimidating runner you've ever seen, but I am still smiling after 14.35 wet and hilly miles. Now that's scary. Plus, I already belong to the original B.A. Association
And wouldn't these sell well? Just some thoughts from the resident medievalist...

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