Monday, December 20, 2010

Mega Cross Training + 1 Confession

I am a person who likes a plan or schedule...even on vacation/running without a plan:
I am at home on Christmas vacation. But I still like to have some sort of routine. So, my plan is to do a TON of cross training over break. I'll get in some runs to, but I am going to operate under the exercise for time, not miles. So if I can get in at least an hour a day (when that usually means about 7 miles), that would be pretty good for keeping my fitness level up.
Yesterday my parents and I went cross country skiing for 45 minutes. I don't think I've done it in 5 years, but it felt great. Where we ski is really beautiful; lots of pretty trails. Then in the afternoon, I did a 3.7 mile run.
This morning I went to the Y with my dad. Swam 1200 yards - first time in the pool in 3 weeks. Felt great - the pool just takes off a lot of physical pressure and my body just relaxes, even when working hard. Then did upperbody work in the gym, plus my Roman chairs. And here it comes...the embarassing confession of the month:
I cannot do a regular pushup. I can to the "girl ones" just fine, and I can get down low enough to do a regular one, but I cannot do a regular push up. Ridiculous! How is this possible? I do upper body weights in the gym, I can swim, and I can run marathons, but I can't do one measly pushup? So, resolution #1 for 2011 - be able to do one pushup, and hopefully a lot more by the end of the year. I'm giving you my word - this is part of my plan for 2011!
We are also going cross country skiing again this afternoon. 45 minutes of that plus 30 minutes of swimming is 75 minutes of cardio for the day, plus weights. Not too shabby for a non-running day.
Thoughts? I know cross training can't entirely replace running, but surely I am going to reap a lot of benefits of a lot of XT, supplemented by some shorter runs, right?

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