Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Monday was my last day of work in California. The kids went home on Friday, and we stayed to finish wrap and pack everything away. I cannot believe how fast the summer went. Santa Cruz was very good to me, and my program this year was very good to me.

I feel content. I got to run in one of the most beautiful places in the country.I was so pleased with how the summer went: the kids had a great time, were safe, and learned a lot. The staff did a great job, and I enjoyed working with them. I took on a promotion, and fell in love with the job. I learned a ton - both from the kids and their classes, and from working with a big team. I solved problems and helped others growing during the process. I experienced some challenges, but learned that overcoming was very rewarding.

I took a risk, a leap of faith, by moving across the country for the summer, and totally stepping out of my comfort zone. I had worked at a different location for 5 years, and while the thought of going else where initially was hard to grasp, it was absolutely the right decision. It was like the leap of faith before Boston: I changed my plan, and while it seemed difficult at first, it yielded tremendous results.

I think this helped me grow a lot this summer. Whenever I talked to friends and family back on the East Coast, they said I sounded more relaxed and happier than they had ever heard during my summer experience (normally I get really stressed). At first, that seemed like a paradox: calmer and content during a hard year? But it did happen, and it reaffirmed my love for this job and desire to continue to working with gifted children.

On Sunday, a bunch of us went to Puma/6 mile Beach (one of the many beaches in Santa Cruz) to enjoy our last full day together. Absolutely gorgeous.
Water was a bit cold, but when we went to Seabright (another beach), I did jump in and swim around, riding the waves. Tried skimboarding, which didn't go so well, but still fun. I can't believe I got to live in a place with multiple beaches.

I flew out Monday night and arrived back in Rochester Tuesday morning. While completed exhausted and jet-lagged, I arrived content. I am at peace, I feel content, and am very grateful for everyone I met, everything I learned and experienced in Santa Cruz.

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