Monday, October 24, 2011

Swimming to Modernity - body and mind worked together

I have written that I have not been good about my cross training.  Ultimately, one of my favorite forms of cross training is swimming.  It is a lot of fun and it feels great.  But logistically, it is a lot harder to get to the pool than just hop on a stationary bike.  Anyways...I was able to make time for it today and I was glad to be in the pool.
Today was an opportunity to do my "Swim to Modernity" - a 2000 yard swim where I review the timeline in my head.  Since my comps (I'm sure everyone is loving to hear about it in each post) are so soon, it is a good way to review both the chronology and the books I've read.  As I work my through the centuries, I can think about the major events and players, as well as the significant books that address these issues.  Yes, it is one of the nerdiest things I do, but certainly one of the most helpful ways to blend studying and exercising!  And, as the November Runner's World shows, running and training can help make you smarter!
But I digress.  My swim to modernity today was AWESOME.  My body was so happy to be in the water; everything just relaxed.  And my brain was alive and fluttering!  So many thoughts as I went back and forth, "410-Augustine's City of God, 476-Deposition of Romulus Augustulus, 511-death of Clovis, 540-Rule of St. Benedict, 751-beginning of the Carolingian Empire, 813-Synod of Mainz, 1076-Investiture Controversy, 1215-Fourth Lateran Council," and on and on and on.  I felt like my brain was moving so fast, and I was getting in these historiographic debates in too: "Ethnogenesis, barbarian identity, role of the laity in Christian burial practices, display of the sacraments, use of hagiography, functions of Renaissance education."
And, lo and behold, it seemed as if my body could withstand that rapid-fire too.  It normally takes me about 50 minutes to do the 2000 yards, and lately I've gotten down to about 48.  But today: 44 minutes!  I couldn't believe it!  Mind and body worked together today!
Did you ever see the Peanuts cartoon of Woodstock when he talks?  All of those exclamation points and question marks - that's what I must've looked like in the water.
And this is me out of it!  This was from the Clarendon Day 5k a few weeks ago.  Swim Bike Run Photography did a nice job with their pictures and just sent them out.
But I digress yet again.  It was a great day in the pool for both mind and body!

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  1. So good to watch your physical & mental progress! I am praying & pulling for you in all you do! You are an inspiration!