Friday, February 17, 2012

Day-Glo, me say Day-Glo

Day-glo comin' and me want to run home.
You know you could find me in the fog, in the snow, the rain, the dark, anywhere!

I have never had a running vest, and I've been contemplating getting one for a while.  Finally last week, I broke down and got this nice orange Saucony vest.  It even comes with a removable flashing light to clip on.  And nice side pockets too for my phone and keys.  It arrived on Wednesday, and I tested it out on Thursday morning's 8 mile run.  It was a little drizzly outside, and the vest was perfect.  It packed heat in well, kept me warm and dry, and illuminated me for well, all of DC to see!  I'm sure my parents are happy, because now I've acquired a few pieces (pink visor, pink winter jacket, and now this) of running clothes that ensure drivers on the road see me.  

And in other news.  The weeks are just flying by!  With teaching,  I am just finding the time going by so fast!  I am starting to develop a routine in terms of preparing lectures, putting together power points, and figuring out a good lecturing style.  I found this video on the Reformation, which I used to open class on Tuesday - so yes, I also like to inject a little humor here and there too. And I'm starting to master the driving part - 140 miles roundtrip twice a week!  It turns Tuesday and Thursday into pretty fast-flying days.  By the time I get home at 9PM, I am pretty beat and before you know it, the week is over.  

And with that, I am just trying to keep my head down and plug away.  Plug away on my dissertation proposal, plug away on teaching, and plug away on running and training.  It seems like that is the best way to go -- head down, focused, and making sparks fly in the way they should.

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