Saturday, March 24, 2012

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks...

You better run, better run, faster than my Sauconys!  (here's the link to the Foster the People song if you didn't get the title reference)
5k weekend is here and I am AMPED!  Seriously, I don't think I've ever been so pumped for a 5k, but this is my race and I am ready to fly!  After last Saturday's RNR Half workout, I had Sunday off completely, which was nice.  Monday, I was back in the pool and weightroom for a normal workout.  On Tuesday, I had my favorite race-week workout, which covers almost the 5k distance in the speed section:
Kara, I can only dream to follow in your footsteps!
Resemblance is uncanny, right?
2.5 mile warm up, 1 x 1200, 1 lap jog, 2 x 800, 1 lap jog after each, 4 x 400 (200m jog after each), 2.5 mile cooldown - total of 9 miles.  I ran the 1200 in 4:57, the 800s in 3:12, 3:11, and the 400s ranging from 90-92 seconds.  I felt great - not sore from the half, and ready to take it out hard.  But I obeyed Sarah's orders of not pushing too hard and really did my best to hold myself back.  I hope harnessing all of this energy will really help when the gun goes off on Sunday!  I also wore my compression sleeves during the workout (and I think 60 degrees is probably my max temperature for wearing them), and while I don't know if they made a difference, I felt cool (cool awesome - I felt hot - it was pretty humid) in them and my new shorter racing shorts.  And I was at least pretending to be like Kara Goucher in them...somewhat close (this picture was before I got them - from the Four Courts Four Miler 2 weeks ago), right? I just need to grow a few inches and knock almost an hour off of my marathon time...
And Friday, I had a 5 mile run, followed by 5 x 300 at 67-68 seconds a piece.  It was so hot today - while that wasn't a long workout by any means, I was just drenched by the time I got to the track!  By the 300s, albeit short, were at roughly 6:00/mile pace, so I am hoping that when Sunday comes along, the pace that I am aiming to run (6:25) won't seem as much of a sprint.  We'll see.  I met with Sarah on Wednesday (we were co-presenting at a history function), and she said to just take it out hard in the first mile and hang on until the end!
I did my 20 minute shake out today with 6 sprints thrown in - getting ready for my finish kick.
I slept in this morning, and it was nice not to have an alarm to wake up to.  I do have some work to do today, but I am also going to relax.  Even going out to see 21 Jump Street, which looks like it will be funny.  Anyways, light and easy today, and hard and fast tomorrow!

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