Monday, August 13, 2012

My time in Santa Cruz has run out

I ran through the final stretch of my time in Santa Cruz.  My students went home on Friday, with some tears and smiles - bittersweet for sure.  They had a great time at camp, and the staff did too.  7 weeks went by really quickly.  In that time:

  • 424 students came
  • I worked with 38 instructors and TAs
  • Supervised 16 different courses, ranging from astronomy to psych to writing
  • The kids were in class for 100 hours per 3 week session
  • I logged over 200 miles, swam about 60,000 yards
  • Ran and won one race: San Francisco 5k with a PR
It was a great summer.  There were a lot of challenges and the program requires a lot of time and effort, but totally worth it.  I learned a lot, and it is a job that I love doing.  I love working with these kids and staff so much, and I always find this to be a rejuvenating experience.  
I got in 7 weeks of stellar running in.  I don't think I ever ran in temperatures higher than 70 degrees.  I did so much running on hills - tempo runs, easy runs, long runs.  And these were great runs.  My times were not always much to write home about, but I think once I get back to flatter courses and getting in more sleep, things will really click.  I haven't done any track work yet, and won't until cycle 3 of training.  But last summer, I came back from the West Coast and later in the fall had some good races.  But early in the fall, I had a tough rust-buster 5k, and I didn't feel like it was showing my work yet.  Sarah thinks that from now on, I should be able to run under 20 for the 5k consistently.  I did it for the first time in March, but then in 2 subsequent 5ks I ran 20:xx, but then ran under 20 again in July.  Hoping to know be consistent with that too, even in a not so fast race.  I am feeling a bit more confident this point. I also am starting to alternate weeks of 4 days of running with weeks of 5 days of running.  We are testing that out to see if I can handle a little more mileage, particularly since I am doing enough strength training to stay strong.  I am looking forward to that - while cross training and swimming is nice, running is my true passion and it is great to get more runs in.
My last weekend in Santa Cruz included 2 solid runs.  On Saturday: 2.5 mile warm up, Fartlek ladder run, 5x4x3x2x1x1x2x3x4x5min.  Take 3 minutes easy after the 5 minute fartleks, 2:30 after the 4 minute ones, 2 minutes after the 3 minutes ones, 90 seconds after the 2 minutes fartleks and 1 minute after the 1 minute fartleks.  2.5 mile cool-down.  Total=10 miles  These road workouts, while they don't have the same feel as a track workout, are also challenging and sometimes feel never ending.  You never step off the road or grab a bottle, you just keep going and going.  I was pretty pleased with this one - lots of undulating hills.  And then on Sunday, I ran 13.5 miles.  I hope I never take for granted that I can "bang out" a half marathon in under 1:50 as part of a training run.  I am very away that that is a distance many people are training to run some day - my mom included!  She is training for the Rochester Half Marathon in September, and has already gotten up to 9.75 miles in her long runs.  Very exciting!  But I digress.  I covered my over half marathon distance fairly easily.  I will never take that for granted.  But I will say, it is pretty cool to run a half marathon on a Sunday and then just move on with the day.  It has taken years of training to get to this point.  A few years ago (2009), 13 miles would have had me seeking out the couch for the rest of the day.  But with more practice and more mileage, I know how to get in that kind of run and then go on with my day without being sidelined.  It goes back to that 10,000 hours concept - that it takes that much time of practice to excel at something.  I think I have gotten maybe a couple of thousand hours in so far, but am nowhere near 10,000 hours yet.  I wonder how long it takes Olympians to get to 10,000 hours?
But my West Coast time is running out.  I am sitting in the SFO airport, waiting to fly back to Rochester.  I am leaving the most beautiful running place in the world, but in return, I get to go home to my family.  Sounds like a good trade to me.

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