Thursday, October 11, 2012

If I could talk to my 15 year old self...

Today is International Day of the Girl.  CNN asked famous women what they would tell their fifteen-year old self, and this ended up being my reflections during today's run around the National Mall.
*Your braces will eventually come off.  And all of the years of orthodontist visits and thousands of dollars your parents paid will be worth it.
*You will find love.  High school Valentine's Days of waiting for a carnation to appear suck, but real love awaits.  You will be kissed, and someone will think you are worth more than just a dollar flower.
*The things you hung your hopes on so much won't matter or be remembered.  I can think of numerous solo auditions and tryouts for music groups that didn't go the way I wanted them to.  In the end, it didn't do long-term damage.  I'm quite alright.
*Your life could be very different than it is now, and it is okay that not everything stays the same.  You'll move new places, meet new people, and learn that change is not always bad.
*But, some of your friends will stay the same.  I had already met 3 of my best girl friends by age 14, and they are still absolutely important to my life.
*The family, who you were mortified to be seen at the mall with, will now be the people you spend most of your time talking to on the phone. 

I was 15 years old 11 years ago.  So much drama in high school.  Life's a lot more fun now.  That's not to say it's easier, but it's definitely more fun.  But not knowing what is going to happen next is half of the adventure. 

Here's the official prompt:  "Looking back, what one piece of advice would you give to your 15-year-old self?" - any takers?

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