Friday, July 12, 2013

The view from above

This blog started in December 2008, when I was about to start training for my first marathon. I was 22, a new master's student, new to DC, new to most things, including regular running. 4.5 years later, the blogging is still happening, albeit on a less frequent basis. Why? I've got a couple of thoughts on it:
  • Now that I've learned what kind of training works for me, there aren't as many new stories to share about kinds of workouts, long runs, etc.
  • I still love to blog about races (particularly since they serve as good notes for me when I come back to repeat races) and so those tend to be the more regular posts.
  • I've just gotten busy. I started this when I was brand new to DC and still trying to make friends. Blogging and the Loop became part of my social life and the writing process was a hobby. Now, I'm well into my doctoral program and certainly have my hands full!
  • But I still love writing about running, and when I go back and look at old posts, I still can easily recall the emotions that went into those runs and races. So, even if the blog posts are infrequent, it is still something I want to continue doing.
But while the running has stayed the same, so much has also changed in that time frame. Mainly, it has all been for the better, and even the difficult changes brought many lessons that have had an influential impact on my life.

But the big thing that is the newest change: 
My now-fiance proposed on May 10 - the same day that my dad proposed to my mom in 1980. We were at the Lincoln Memorial and it was just perfect. I spent the first few days doing this. We are just over the moon happy and looking forward to truly starting our lives together. Slightly more tricky while I'm in California for the summer, but still, this is the beginning of the big journey. 
Best night ever: May 10, 2013 at the Lincoln Memorial

You can see now why my mile times didn't improve - too much bling!
So really, a lot has changed. I had done the dating thing and the single thing, and I still just knew more was out there. And even though I was still happy in the single days and had a great group of friends and family...I was still hoping for more.
Happily ever after may not exist, but I am very happy. I waited and waited to find the right guy and the wait was well worth it.
And the view from above the valleys, up here at a peak of life and love, is quite spectacular.

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