Friday, August 28, 2009

Preparing for my first half marathon/training updates

I am going to enter my first half-marathon. While I've done a number of half-marathon courses in my training, I've never actually done a half race. It is going to be the Park's Half Marathon and it runs from Rockville to Bethesda, MD on Sunday September 13th. It is going to serve as a tune-up race for the Marine Corps Marathon, which means that I can evaluate my progress and how well my training has been going 6 weeks prior to the big race. It should be a great race, and I'm very excited about it. I think my goal is going to be 1:45 for the race, which means 8 minute miles. I think that will be a reasonable goal, but anything under 1:50 will be fine with me. I haven't race since early June, so it'll be good to get out there in 2 weeks and get the adrenaline pumping again.
Marathon training has been going fine. It's been so hot in DC, and while I've been hydrating and trying to keep cool, it's still hard to run in 90 degree heat. So, I've been getting up early to try and squeeze my runs in before the sun and heat really start to be an issue.
I'm currently eating a late dinner in attempt to carbo-load a little before my 14 miler tomorrow. While there is no need to actually carbo-load until the marathon, I've found it really helpful to have a big dinner the night before a long run. I've developed a nice pre-long run routine, which often includes a good dinner, some tv, good foot lotion, and early to bed. Here's hoping tomorrow's run is a success!

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