Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Transitioning back into a medievalist who runs

August is over and September is here. Things have cooled down a little bit, which is such a welcome relief. I ran 152 miles in August and I will run over 180 throughout the course of September – my biggest mileage month ever. This is the month when I will peak in all aspects of training. I've begun weight lifting again, as well as yoga. I think having those two activities, along with the addition of swimming, will be a difference in how I feel in those final miles of race day. I've got an 18 miler coming up this weekend – longest run since the marathon.
School is back in session, which means I can fully put back my medievalist hat on again. It was nice to take somewhat of a break this summer from research – it has made coming back all the more enjoyable. I am currently working on a paper proposal for the 2010 Medieval Congress in Kalamazoo, which is expanding on the witch trial research that I've been doing for several years. I haven't had all of my classes yet, but things are looking good. It'll be a busy semester as per usual; lots of paper writing for sure.
That's about it for now. Off to be a medievalist again, and a runner in the morning (9 miles at marathon goal pace).

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