Sunday, January 17, 2010

10 Things that make me happy (with pics)

My friend Mark ( who is training for his first full Ironman, wrote a blog entitled "Happiness" and listed 10 things that make him happy, and then tagged me to write one as well. Here's my version (in no particular order), with pictures included.
1. Phone calls from my 5 year old boyfriend Henry. This is Henry. I worked with his mom, my good friend Jenny, and Henry took a liking to me and started calling me his girlfriend. He is very sweet, and when he calls, he always asks me about my day. He is so cute, and is always a day brightener.
2. Dancing to CTY canon. Every summer, I work for the Center for Talented Youth, which gives smart middle school and high school students an opportunity to take classes and live in a residential community. Every Friday night, we put on an awesome dance for the kids and they dance to the CTY canon (including eternal hits like Blister in the Sun, Cotton Eye Joe, and American Pie). The staff dances too, and some of the best memories I have are dancing in that sweaty gym.
3. Spending time with my history buddies in DC. These are my 3 dear history friends from grad school: Wes, Mary, and Seth last Christmas.
4. Good meals with my family. This was dinner with my family after I graduated from Holy Cross.
5. Wonderful runs. I'm sure that wasn't surprising to anyone.
6. Working on medieval history stuff. This was me presenting my senior thesis at Holy Cross - one of the happiest days of my academic career. The woman next to me, Professor Lorraine Attreed was my adviser, and now is my mentor. We still write to each other often, and she is still an important person in my life.
7. Anything to do with Holy Cross (my alma mater). I loved this school so much and have many fond memories of it.
8. Maintaining old friendships. These were my good friends in high school: Jen, Sara, and Laura. I was in Laura's wedding last year, and still see Jen and Sara when I come home on break, and it feels good to still keep up with them, even though we graduated almost six years ago.
9. Coffee. I didn't start drinking coffee until a few years ago, but man, nowadays I can't really start a day (or run) without it. That's a picture of me running a staff meeting at CTY, with coffee right on hand, of course.
10. Quality time with the family. I went home for the weekend, and while we haven't done much, it has just been excellent spending time with them. Definitely worth the trip.
So, that's my top 10. Time to make yours!

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  1. Oh, coffee in the morning before anyone else is up, and the house is quiet. How could I forget that one?!

    Went out for a nice—surprisingly quick—10K today. Let's put it this way: my training run was actually faster than my Turkey trot—yikes!

    Love your list, love the pics!