Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fartlek into the wind

I left my training schedule on the fridge at home, so my parents could follow along with my training. Today called for 10 x 90 second farleks during a 9 mile run. My mom called me, laughing the other day, asking what a fartlek was. It means speed play in Swedish, and so it meant that today I would run hard for 90 seconds at a time. I did my run around the National Mall this morning. Although, I realized during one of my fartleks (which I was doing on the back of the Capitol) that I might look a little shady sprinting across the Capitol. There were many guards there, and I'm sure it looked like I had just mugged someone and was sprinting away. I guess they didn't see any problem. It is a hard workout, to all of a sudden push very hard for 90 seconds again and again. The challenge for me today was that it was windy (again) and so I was fartleking into the wind. But, hey, I'm not opposed to working hard, anything to get me prepared for Boston (97 days away).
I'm in week 4 of my training for Boston. This week is a recovery week, which I'm grateful for. This means either shorter runs, or just cross training, which I like. And as Sarah (who designed the plan) said, "it definitely makes you feel like you can get a lot of non-running things done!" The timing of it - given that it is the first week of school, is excellent.
Monday, January 15: OFF
Tuesday, January 16: 2 miles warm-up; Fartlek on roads, 10 fartleks at 90 seconds with 2 minutes easy run rest between each hard effort. 2 miles cool-down. Total mileage: about 9 miles
Wednesday, January 16: cross-train
Thursday January 17: 4 miles easy
Friday, January 18: OFF
Saturday, January 19: 14 miles easy
Sunday, January 20: 3 miles easy or cross-train
Total Mileage: About 30 miles
Classes started yesterday, and I'm grateful to the support I've gotten about Latin. We had our first class yesterday, and yes, it is going to be very hard. But, I am going to fight fight fight, and do the best I can. Things will be calm for another week or so, and they will pick up considerably. My other classes look fine, definitely doable and certainly enjoyable. I've decided to go home for the long weekend (MLK day) so I can see my parents a little more. The Christmas break was wonderful, but it wasn't quite enough, so I'll spend the long weekend in Rochester with them. Very much looking forward to it - only 3 days until I'm back in chilly/snowy Rochester! I'm sure not many people look forward to even colder weather, but it will be great to be home again. So, bring on the big chill!


  1. yes, i think i recall adam fartleking into the wind several times. :-)

  2. Yeppers, on Snell road in Geneva. :-)