Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Running into the hard cycle

This week starts cycle 3 of Rochester Marathon training. As Sarah (my training coach) prefaced, this is the hard cycle. And so, in opening up the schedule, I expected to feel that somewhat familiar sense of butterflies and nervousness about the 4 weeks ahead. But...that was not the case when I saw the schedule.

Monday, July 26: aqua jogging, elliptical for 1/2 hour

Tuesday, July 27: 2.5 mile warm-up; 6x1 mile, start at 7:25 minute pace and cut down 5-7 seconds per mile, 500 meter jog between each rep. 4 mile cool-down. Total mileage—14 miles

Wednesday, July 28: 6 miles easy.

Thursday, July 29: 9 miles easy.

Friday, July 30: OFF

Saturday, July 31: 20 miles easy

Sunday, August 1: 8 miles easy

Total Mileage: 57 miles

Wait, this is the hard one? I was talking it over at breakfast this morning with Jenny and trying to figure out why it doesn't seem so hard.


I've been training while prepping for comps, and I think that absorbed some of the stress of training.

I've been training while at an intensive (and wonderful) summer job. When you're focused on creating a positive environment for 240 children, your priorities shift.

I've been running/marathon training consistently for about 20 months, and my body is starting to adapt to gradual progressions in mileage/speed.

Conclusion: I do think it is a combination of all 3. It's somewhat of an unsettling feeling, this sense of calmness 7 weeks before a marathon. But I'll roll with it!

I was starting to think ahead about the marathon and looking at the course map. The Boston Marathon drops several hundred feet in elevation during the first 10k. The Rochester Marathon drops 100 feet during the first 10k. There is no Heartbreak Hill in Rochester - the largest mile incline is 50 feet. I can do that! This will definitely be the flattest marathon I've ever run, and hopefully the fastest too. So, it seems that all in all, I have a calm, but excited feeling about the marathon. I've been hitting my splits and mileage.
Today's workout went well. I overslept, which is starting to take on its own standards. Is it still oversleeping when you wake up at 5:30AM (instead of 4)? So, my day started 90 minutes later than expected, but worked through it. Was very happy with my splits on the mile repeats: 7:25, 7:18, 7: 13, 7:03, 6:56, 6:51.
I choose my attitude, and for today and for this cycle, I choose to be footloose and fancy free!

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