Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How tall do you run?

When I first started running two years ago, I came across an article that talked about "running tall." It said if you "think tall" you will naturally improve your posture while running and overall just have a better experience. Makes sense!

I am a big fan of this Ryan Hall video. The way he runs is very free and tall, and obviously it works well for him. It is something I try to think about and imitate on my runs. I thought tall a lot today. I may be 5'1", but today I ran like I was 6 feet tall. 5 miles, 50 degrees - perfect conditions for a run. Lots of hills. My legs just felt long, they took to the hills like it was my job. Car traffic may have been slow, but I felt like I could go on and on in the run. And the more I thought tall, the more I straightened up. I engaged my abs, rib cage was high, my stride just felt right. Could've conquered the world this morning, running tall.

As you can tell, I am back to running post-marathon. Time off did some good for my foot, since now I am running virtually pain-free. Ice and taking it easy made a big difference. I think we always take healthy running and healthy living for granted until it is snatched away. I know I have been guilty of this. My senior year of college, I had migraines for 2 months straight. After that, never took for granted of a migraine-free day. This tendonitis business made me recall that episode. I think too often I've gone out for a run without even being grateful that I can run, and run comfortably.

So today I ran tall and healthy - what a perfect combination.

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