Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In the Heat of the Moment...

...A game change may be necessary.
I set out on Tuesday to do a raceweek tune up track workout. Goal: 3 x 1600, under 7:00. It was 80 when I left the house, and so I was unsure how "well" the workout would go or how I would feel. I was already hot by the time I arrived at the track (2.5 mile warmup). Mile 1: 6:51. Then very slow recovery lap. Mile 2: 6:47, and man, I felt tuckered out afterwards. I was so hot and wiped, that it seemed like a 3rd one was not the smart thing to do, especially with an important race a few days away. No point in being a hero, only to end up a dummy on Saturday. So, instead of a final 1600, I opted for 4 x 400, aiming for sub 1:40, and that would give me my last "fast mile", just in a different form. 1:38, 1:36, 1:35, 1:34. Alright! That works for me! I shortened my cooldown to 1.5 miles and walked the last mile home. All in all, I think it was a smart change. Rather than burn out, a little tweak still allowed for a speed workout that assured a bit of a kick for Saturday's 10k.
Stay cool everyone - this heat is crazy! Sometimes an adjustment to the game plan is necessary - no point of suffering through it when you can come up with a cooler alternative. And definitely remember to "pre-game" - drink water before you go out running and carry water/gatorade with you.

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