Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sprinting by the Bay

This was how I felt getting ready for my track workout on Tuesday:

Granted, Joan Benoit ran Boston over an hour faster, but you get the point. It was pouring here in Santa Cruz (I've been told this never happens, whereas at my old site in Saratoga Springs, it rained all the time). But, as long as I am properly dressed, I love running in the rain - I find it simply exhilarating.

This was the toughest shorter distance workout I've had: 2.5 mile warm-up; 1200, (500 meter jog) 2 x 800, (1 lap jog between) 2 x 400, (200 meters jog between);1 mile jog, 10 x 200 (run 200 between each, but make sure you aren’t going super slow during the rest, a moderate rest). Aim for about 5:15, 800s in 3:20 and 3:18, 400s in about 90; 200s should be hard but not all out sprinting, aim to keep all consistent at about 44 seconds. 2.5 cool-down. Total= 12 miles. The longest interval was a 1200 (3/4 of a mile) and I worked my way down. And the rain didn't let up. Halfway through I took off shirt, because it had just gotten more heavy than useful and wrung it out - I couldn't have been more yet if I had jumped in the pool with all of my clothes on.

The 200s were tough. I am not good at that all out, pump your arms and just go, kind of thing. All of them ended up being between 44-45 seconds, and phew, each one was tough. With longer intervals, like mile repeats, I'll finish one and the recovery process is not too bad. But with 200s, and only 200 meters to recover, it never ends. The good news is, that it only takes 10-12 minutes for that part, so you know the pain will end soon enough.

All in all, it was exhilarating. I am getting back on track with training, finding time to fit it in my schedule. I also made it to the library to get a few more books for my comps list. Got up early and read while enjoying coffee before all of the kids got to the dining hall. It was amazing how good an hour of quiet felt before starting a busy day.

This is a busy program, but all in all, a great gig. My staff is tremendous: helpful, friendly, supportive, and great teachers. One asked how it felt to fly across the country to start a new job at a new site, and I said "half exhilarating, half terrifying," which is still the case. CA is not a different country, but some things do feel utterly foreign. Then again, the concept of starting afresh and anew has also been a relief. Nothing like the opportunity to create your own identity, virtually from scratch.

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