Saturday, November 26, 2011

Making Up the Rules

Last year, Runner's World did an interesting article on elite runners' lucky race charms.
I have some lucky race traditions too:

  • Since March 2009, I have put a small rosary in my key pocket for every race.
  • Since March 2009, I have always worn small gold "V" earrings that my parents gave me when I was little in races.
  • Since June 2009, I have worn my pink visor in every single race.
But I've also created some rules about races too:
  • I try not to have to set the alarm the day before a race - I like to sleep in and wake up naturally, especially since race day tends to be an early morning.
  • The day before, I do a 20-30 minute shake out run.  No watch, no pace expectations.  6 x 150m strides for 5k-half marathon races.
  • No drinking alcohol 48 hours before a marathon, 24 hours before a shorter distance (this was ignored in December 2010 at the Jingle All the Way 10k, when I had already achieved my goal 10k PR for the race, opted to drink 2 beers the night before, and still knocked off 10 seconds).
  • I can only drink coffee in the morning the day before a race: 1-2 cups.  Normally, I drink coffee all day, but not the day before a race.
  • I don't quite have a set curfew, but I like to try to be in bed by 9-9:30.  
  • I drink 1 bottle of gatorade (size varies according to the distance) the afternoon/evening before.
  • I call my parents and my friend Jenny the night before.
  • In the morning, I drink Raspberry Royale tea and eat a bowl of Gorilla Munch cereal (the gluten-free equivalent to Kix cereal).  
I'll admit, I am not so good at having rules about after the race.  I now at least do a 20 minute cooldown for races between 5k-half marathon.  I try to take a nap afterward, but I tend to be so wound up that it only works half of the time.

Do you create any rules about running or racing?

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