Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Peace on foot

Merry Christmas, everyone!  We had a very nice Christmas in Spencerport.  It was just me, my parents, and my brother for Christmas Day, and it was a great day.  After my brother got on the train to go back to NYC, I laced up for a Christmas Day run.  I've never run on Christmas Day.  My dad and I went bike riding last year because it was 50 degrees, but I've never run.  I didn't run twice, like Mo Farrah, but I did head out to run 8 miles.
In a cold, weary world, and in a chilly little town, there is still peace on foot.  Hardly anyone else was outside as Old Man Winter yawned and the last winter rays of sun vanished from the sky.  Lights from the houses illuminated my path, as I meandered through my hometown.  There weren't many cars to dodge.  I had no pace expectations to hit.  My head was clear, my legs weren't too heavy.  It was just me and the run - nothing more.
Christmas on the Erie Canal
Near the end of the run, it had grown dark, and I unplugged my headphones to just enjoy the silent night.  But after moments of quiet, what did my perked-up ears hear?  Christmas carols.  From a nearby church, a classical version of "Frosty" was playing and could be heard from blocks away.  So beautiful and simple on Christmas Night.
I am neither ignorant nor delusional.  I know that life is not perfect, and that our world is flawed and can be cruel.  But on one night, the holiest night of the year, in the sleep town of Spencerport, there was peace on foot.

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