Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 in review

A year in review:
Oh two-thousand-twelve
So many details to delve
Into, the running
the racing felt stunning.

Aimed for shorter distances instead
Found there was nothing to dread.
There was no 26.2
And I found I didn't say "boo hoo"
A year without a marathon
There were great races I stumbled upon.

Ran my first track race
Four searing laps at a grueling pace
San Fran opened her golden gate
Winning a race sure felt great
Army Ten Miler was run Army Strong
I could keep the pacing all day long.

Three mythical barriers went crack:
The mile, 5k and 10k took a smack.
16 races were run in all
Some in Rochester, some around the National Mall.

I ran from coast to coast
Doing what I love the most
High mileage and double days
Smiling amidst the Santa Cruz rays.

Began life as a professor
Kept each student from becoming a transgressor
Worked in California as the Dean
Kept the kids in line without acting too mean.

Met a new man who cheered me on
And became someone who I depended on
Found new joy beyond the run
Grateful for someone to share in the fun.

Oh two thousand twelve
It's time for you to shelve
And wipe the slate clean
In welcoming 2013.

PRs 1 mile: 6:02 /5:51 (May)
5k: 20:23/19:21 (October)
10k: 41:27/39:50 (November)
10M:1:23:18/1:06:10 (this was 3.5 years old) (October)
Miles run: 1900 on the dot
I aimed to get 4 glasses of water and 8 hours of sleep each day.  It didn't always happen, but I know I was more hydrated this year than any other year.  And I definitely made a more concerted effort to get sleep.

Goals for 2013:
1 mile: (A) 5:45 (B) 5:47
5k: (A) 18:59 (B) 19:10
10k (A) 39:20 (B) 39:40
10miler (A) 1:04:59 (B) 1:05:30
Get my dissertation proposal passed!

I spent the last few days of 2012 running and visiting with friends and family.  My boyfriend came into town and was able to meet some of my girlfriends from high school (and their husbands and babies -we are all grown up).

2012 is in the books - let's see what is to come in 2013!

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