Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The "tail" end of 2013

I think 2013 stands as one of the fastest years of my adult life. There was a lot of
The first third of 2013 was just a lot of work: a lot of training and a lot of writing. Keeping my head down and nose to the grindstone meant PRs in the 10 mile at Cherry Blossom (1:05:52). After Boston broke all of our hearts and lit a fire, I ran the Pike's Peek 10k and with Boston in mind, ran Boston Strong and PRed running 39:28.
Three generations of my family at my bridal shower
A few weeks later, my dissertation proposal was approved by the history department, moving me to ABD status. 2 days after that, Pat proposed and we got engaged at the Lincoln Memorial - one of the best weeks ever.
Me and my best friend and matron of honor

I spent my summer in California, working with my gifted children and running all over beautiful Santa Cruz. I was fortunate enough to meet up with a friend for the Wharf to Wharf 6 Mile race. I also got to explore San Francisco a bit more and just enjoy the different world of the West Coast. Coming back to the hot East Coast, I moved to Vienna, VA and fell in love with running on the W&OD trail. I resumed teaching and dissertation work. My aunts and bridesmaids threw me a fabulous bridal shower - it was so wonderful to be with all of my favorite girls. My mom came down to DC and we both ran the Army Ten Mile - her largest race ever. She ran a strong 1:35, and I was happy to knock 11 more seconds off of my 10 mile time (1:05:41) on a day when I didn't anticipate it all to come together. Winning the Nationwide Insurance 5k held in conjunction with the .US Road Racing Championships afforded me the opportunity to meet my running role model and hero - Deena Kastor. I jumped into a high mileage routine shortly after, hopefully curbing all of the delicious holiday treats and dishes my mom made.
Meeting Deena Kastor
My PRs going into 2013:
1 mile: 5:51
5k: 19:21
10k: 39:50
10 mile: 1:06:10
At the end of the year
1 mile 5:51 - still can't crack this!
5k: 19:10
10k: 39:28
10 mile: 1:05:41
I did 16 races this year - the most ever. They ranged in size and place, from CA to DC to NY, from 300 people to 25,000.
And right after Christmas, Pat and I welcomed to the newest member of our family - Heshie! She is an eight-week old English bulldog who we picked up on Sunday. Her name comes from an SNL skit that we thought was hilarious. We are absolutely in love with her and are having the best time with her. Pat had dogs growing up, but she is my first one, and it has been wonderful. Even though we are still figuring out how to train her, Heshie is a very happy dog and in just the few days we've had her she has brought us so much joy.
I'll make my 2014 resolutions soon, but for now, I just want to play with my new pal. Happy New Year!
Picking her up from the breeder's house
Cutest face ever

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