Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rocky Balboa's got nothing on me

I did not run in the blizzard yesterday; I decided that would've been stupid and dangerous. So, I postponed my 11 mile run until this morning. I am very glad that I did - what a beautiful run. They had cleared the roads, so I didn't have to worry about that. The sun was shinning (really glad I had my sunglasses on - the snow was reflecting the sun) and it was about 30 out, so not even that cold!
I normally see at least 50 runners when I run around DC. Today, I saw 5. The first runner didn't appear until mile 5 (Washington Monument). When I saw her, I yelled out "Finally! Someone else is out!" and she whooped back. It's the little things like that which get you through a run. I then got to the Lincoln Memorial, which was where I turned around. The one thing that was scary was trying to find spots that weren't icy, which meant sometimes I had to stray off the path. Once I turned around the Lincoln Memorial, the path was icy and slippery. I noticed that there was one path of footprints through the snow (bear in mind we got over 14 inches yesterday). I decided to take the path less traveled, and less slippery. So in I went, taking mighty big steps running through the snow (I did have on 2 pairs of socks, so my feet stayed warm and dry). Keep in mind, I am 5'1", so I am taking mighty huge leaps, so I think that was good strength training (like running in the sand). It felt awesome. I felt like Rocky running in the snow in Siberia. I was so pumped at that point. I did feel a little relieved when I got back on the roads - that was whooping my butt. When I was crossing a street, someone said "Good for you for running today!" I pumped my fist in response and said I was running Boston. As I ran along the street, more people cheered for me, while they were shoveling their sidewalks or walking around, which was pretty cool. It was a great experience overall - I felt strong trudging through the snow, and yes, on the road (not in the ring), Rocky Balboa's got nothing on me!

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