Thursday, March 4, 2010


Okay, yes, I hoped the title would help get a few more hits. No, Mom and Dad, don't worry, I did not get married.

A lot of my friends who do not run regularly ask me how I have the time to run amidst everything else. In part, I refer to my previous post about how training gets done. But in some ways, it goes beyond that.
I am single. Most of my friends in grad school are involved, and their free time is spent with their significant others. So at the end of the day, when work is done, they have a nice dinner together or watch a movie. And the weekends mean date nights or trips away together. I get it, I get it.
Running is my husband. I was first introduced to Running when I was in middle school, and we really hit it off. Then I wasn't sure how much I loved it, so I decided we needed a break. 10 years later, we met again in DC and decided to take the next step - a marathon. This was a big step, we started spending lots of time together, almost every day, and even big dates on the weekends. My friends knew it was serious - for I started to talk about Running all of the time, and always with a smile on my face. When I crossed the finish line at the 2009 National Marathon, I knew this was the real deal. I felt happy when I was with Running, and it seemed as if that wouldn't change.
So while my friends might not understand how it's possible, I do. I made a commitment to love to Running, and we'll spend the rest of my life together.
I promise to be faithful, to wear the right sneakers, to fuel up, respect the distance, and enjoy the runner's high. I take you, Running, in long runs and speed workouts, in treacherous weather and sun, until death do us part. This is my solemn vow.


  1. Cute! I often fantasize about meeting running when I was single...oh the possibilities.

  2. truly a match made in heaven...a real love story w/many chapters yet to be written!