Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The medievalist's insomnia

Three weeks before Boston
The Medievalist couldn't sleep
Thoughts of the big race danced around
Hindering her from counting sheep.

She tried to relax and ease her mind
Freeing it from the work of the daily grind
But words like "Natick" and "Wellesley" kept ringing through
Reminding her of a real-life dream about to come true.

The bib number is in - 1-6-5-5-2
Which puts her near the front of Wave Number 2.
Relax - the taper is in sight!
Just a few more days of a hard-fought fight.

These racing thoughts are not ones of doubt
There's no reason to worry, certainly not to pout
But must stay calm - many days still lie ahead
Which is why it is so important to go back to bed.

Hopefully dreams will come soon -
If she dreams come of Ryan Hall - certainly she will swoon
For they're both en route to Boston to fight the good fight
And will cross the finish line - victory is within sight!

1 comment:

  1. i have no doubt you will do great
    just set 3 alarms so you don't wake up late

    i can see you cranking up heartbreak hill
    with all of your training, i'm certain you will

    mile after mile, you pick off one runner at a time
    and raise your hands in victory at the Boston finish line!!

    I love your post today. Get some sleep.