Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Why I Run

Boston.com asked its readers to write in for an online segment called "Why I Run." Here was my response (limited to 500 characters),

Each day I run, it is a small victory. It's not life changing or mind-altering, but it's a victory. Running has helped my mind as well as my body. It gave me a confidence that I do not think I had before I started. No one runs a marathon because it's easy. We run for the challenge that lies in front of us. It has always been a goal of mine to run the Boston Marathon - and now I am just days away from toeing the start. The race will be my victory lap - for this whole process is a great adventure.

Obvious statement: I am so excited for Boston. There have been nights when I've just laid awake thinking about it, imagining it, and the adrenaline just begins to pump and keep me up. I was thinking about it during my Tuesday fartlek run. At the end, I was envisioning finishing Boston, and despite the DC, I got chills thinking about it. As I've been telling people, even when I wasn't running when I was younger, Boston was always on my mind. I knew I always wanted to do it, even when I'm sure no one (myself included) thought I could. I used to come in beat up and sore from 3 mile runs, but still Boston was in the back of my mind.

And now it is almost here! I am in the taper, and to run 20-25 miles less per week than normal is...crazy. In part, it's a relief, because it gives me time to work on school. On the other hand, running is generally how I work out my stress, so hopefully I won't feel too keyed up in the next 12 days.

Tuesday, April 5: 2 miles warm-up, Fartlek, 10 x 90 seconds hard, 2 minute easy run between efforts, 2 mile cool-down. Total mileage—about 9 miles

Wednesday, April 6: cross-train (swim)

Thursday, April 7: 4 miles easy

Friday, April 8: swim

Saturday, April 9: 13 miles easy

Sunday, April 10: 6 miles easy

Weekly Mileage Total: about 32 miles

I signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon yesterday, and already 23,000 people have signed up! That includes my friend Jenny, and that will be her first marathon. I am going to help train her and run it with her - it is going to be a great bonding experience. We were talking about it last night, and most friends would just go out for the weekend to bond, but no, we're going to do a marathon together.

Today was just a EPMC 4 miler (Easy Peasy Mac and Cheesy). While it was hot, the flowers are in bloom and everything is colorful. I chased my shadow all morning, and climbing the bridge at the end, my legs were 8 feet long. Wish that was the case! But felt strong climbing the hills, and hopefully all of my hill work will pay off with the Newton Hills.

It was so great to be home for the long Easter weekend. Even though we only got in about 48 hours of family time in, it was definitely worth it. Got a few good runs in, and good food after to boot!

Time keeps on ticking. I can't believe there's less than 2 weeks to go...

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  1. It will be here before you know it. So cool that Boston has always been something you've wanted to do.
    I never entertained it until about 2007. Before that it was well beyond my wildest dreams.
    Enjoy the nice weather, it's snowing again here.