Sunday, May 2, 2010


A lot of people have been asking me if I am still riding the high of Boston. I think there are 3 stages of post-marathon joy. 1) The initial joy that happens after crossing the finish line. At that point there is so much adrenaline pumping and you feel ecstatic. And barely able to walk, so instead of feeling the pain and physical effects of the marathon, you feel joy. 2) The homecoming joy. I think this lasts about a week. It's going home and seeing your friends and family and celebrating the victory you've been working for. Nothing can get you down at this point - you are still very much on cloud 9. 3) Content. I think this is where I am. The marathon is not a distant memory, but certainly a memory. No longer reduced to a shuffle, but back into running, even if only in the single digits. You're still proud of the victory, but it is now behind you and it is time to look forward.
I am using that content feeling to propel me into future running (and life) victories. I know that I can push hard and accomplish what I set out to do - Boston taught me that. It has fueled a new determination in me. It has made me hungry to keep pushing and see what I am capable of, both in the running sphere and in life.
I am running the National Police Week 5k on Saturday. I have an 8-month old 5k time to beat: 22:24, and it is my hope to break 22 minutes. I am starting to enjoy racing and running at a new level. I am looking forward to toeing the starting line and giving it my all.
Tomorrow, I am going to do a track workout (first one since Boston): mile repeats at goal 5k pace, to see how that feels. I am looking forward to standing on the track - I've actually been anticipating it for a few days.
I'm feeling hungry, and even a steak dinner won't satisfy that hunger.

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  1. Awesome blog, Vanessa! You are getting so fast! We'll do 5k track workouts this summer, if you're interested. 4x400, 2x800, 1x1200, 2x800, 4x400.

    And then we'll do mile repeats. We'll get you sub-22 for sure!