Saturday, November 13, 2010

From Tempo to pancakes

This morning I had to do an 8 mile run, with a 4 mile tempo run thrown in. It is a relief to have such a short tempo in there, because in marathon training, I have done 20 mile runs with 10-12 miles of tempo thrown in there. It is very tricky to hold on like that for so long. Today's tempo required to hold onto a faster pace, but only for 4 miles. Ended up starting at 8:00 pace, and worked my way down to averaging 7:30 pace. Was pretty pleased with how it went, considering it was hilly the whole time. No problem training with hills - the 10k courses are much flatter than what I train on. I am not the best at tempoing, even though I am good at track workouts. But today went well! Victory!
And coming back to make this for breakfast was good too!
Pancakes, bacon, coffee, and chocolate milk. Mmm. Ahhh, to bask in the post-run high and enjoy a good breakfast. Delicious. Now that I'm fueled up again, it is time to read and write about medieval literacy!

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