Saturday, November 20, 2010

Patience isn't a is a necessity

People have asked me what my running motto is, and I think that is it, Patience isn't a virtue, it is a necessity. At least for distance running. You can't go out and blast through the first half of a'll only crash and burn. You can't just go out one day and decide to run 15'll hurt yourself. Patience is a necessity.
And this week I have been reminding myself of my motto. If something is wrong, it is necessary to take it easy, be patient, and just wait. I am pretty sure that my knee issue has to do with the fact that I am way overdue for new shoes. I ordered a pair online, and they should be waiting for me at home in Rochester when I get home on Tuesday! Again, must be patient.
Monday: 1000 yards in the pool
Tuesday: 1000 yards, weights/core, 1/2 hour elliptical
Wednesday: 1000 yards in the pool, 1 slow mile on the track
This was hard - just one mile? But wanted test out the knee. Slow and easy did the trick, and better one than none.
Thursday: 3 easy miles
Friday: 3 easy miles, weights, 2 easy miles (wanted to do 5 miles for the day, but broke it up)

Today I ran 5.6 slow miles. It was harder to go slower - I knew I had the capacity to go a lot faster, but wanted to just take it easy and get some mileage in. Tomorrow, I will run 5-6 miles. I will take Monday off (probably will do weights + pool), and then fly home Tuesday (and break in the shoes). Will probably run 6 miles on Tuesday with some strides. If that goes well, I anticipate Thursday's 10k will go well too!

It's not easy to be patient, but I am learning. The pool has been great for me (changing things up has been good too). I could use more patience all around. I know I can't just crank out a seminar paper - I have to wade through the material, think about the possibilities, and slowly work my way through the paper. Slowly but surely, will write, will run, and make sure to have fun along the way!

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  1. Very smart Vanessa! I didn't learn that lesson early on and paid for it with a month or 2 off of running completely, which about killed me. That is great that you are throwing in the swimming too. I have noticed that my recovery time this year has been so much easier on my body since I started swimming. Have a great Thanksgiving at home, break those shoes in and have an awesome 10K!