Saturday, February 20, 2010

2 months to go - butterflies and my power word

I recently looked back at my old blog posts, and have always reflected on training with two months to go before the marathon. The first time around, I was full of butterflies, and had gotten a 15 mile run in. The second time, the butterflies were back in regard to BQing, but I already felt more ready than the first time.
Now I am two months away from my 3rd marathon. I wouldn't say I am ready to go, but I am already feeling prepared. The butterflies are back. I think there should always be butterflies in regard to a marathon. It's not a walk in the park - a little butterflies never hurt anyone. While hearing "Heartbreak hill" causes fluttering, the word "Boston" alone bring new waves of excitement.
I always have to remind myself what it's all for. I was at the gym for weight lifting and core work. During the final reps, when my abs started to shake, or my arms and legs started to tire, I had to say "Boston, Boston" to myself. I recite it during hard runs too, and I recited back when I was trying to get Boston as well. There's been some discussion, with the Kara Goucher article and others, about creating a power word to repeat during tough moments. Boston is my power word.
I had butterflies last night in preparation for my 20 miler this morning. I even dreamt about the run, and woke up at 1AM thinking about it. There is no doubt that I can do it - but there are butterflies. Butterflies aren't bad - there are two meanings of my name: one means "star" and the other means "butterfly."
Today was a 20 miler for me. I ran the first 7 by myself, and then met up with MCM RWOL Forumite Julie for the final 13. She is really sweet, and we just had a great time chatting, which made the miles fly by quickly. The great thing was, she had a Garmin, so we just ran and ran until it said we ran 13 miles. Toward the end, I knew we had less than a mile to go, but all of a sudden, she yelled out, "We're done!" We're done? Such joy and relief. Yes, I was starting to tire, but still had a little gas left in the tank. We hugged over our triumph - because who wouldn't be excited after a good run like that?

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