Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pacers Ambassadors Unite

Last night we had our Pacers Ambassadors program kick-off at the Pacers store in Clarendon. There are about 40 of us in the program from all over DC. This is excellent, we range from high school students, parents, those just starting to run, to those who run 50 mile endurance races. Lot of good runners, and a few who will be joining me in Boston too! I enjoyed talking to everyone and hearing all of their running stories. I'll be looking forward to seeing them at upcoming events. We also got our new running gear, which you can see modeled in the picture. I am near the right with the zip-up jacket, the men got black and green shirts, and the women got black and white shirts. They are nice dry-fit short sleeve shirts, which I can't wait to wear. And as one of the people said last night, I can't wait for it to be warm enough to wear short sleeves! You'll see me wear those in upcoming races.
If you're in DC and want to learn more about the store, the race series, and the fun run series, go to for more information. Stay tuned!
I have 20 miles on tap for Saturday. It's days like these where I do wish I had a constant running partner - even for 10 miles, the company would be excellent!

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  1. Can't you run with any of those people?

    Alternatively, can't you find any hot 20-something men running around DC at the same time you are? ;)