Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cabin Fever

I am in DC, which means we've been getting walloped with snow. Or rather, the city is getting walloped, and I, being from upstate New York, know how to deal with it. School was closed Friday, and it was closed yesterday, and it's closed again today. It could be closed again tomorrow, as we are supposed to get even more snow.
When they announced the snow day on Thursday night, there was a big sigh of relief and I felt like a kid again. Freedom! Freedom!
Then the snow kept falling over the weekend. I was so glad that I did my long run in advance, and I've been doing the rest of my runs on the treadmill. Sunday, the Super Bowl was even more exciting because we knew by halftime that we would not have school on Monday. On Monday, I went to the library to work on my Latin and got a lot done. During a meeting Monday night, they announced that school was closed again.
And here we are today, Tuesday. Thank goodness I had a 9 mile run today. That helped me to blow off some steam. But yes, I think I have cabin fever. I want the roads to be clear so I can run outside, and yes, I want to go back to school. I like school, that's why I went onto graduate school. So it's weird to be working but not going to classes. The snow needs to stop - the race director said they might cancel Saturday's 10k if we get walloped again.

Tuesday, February 9: 2 miles warm-up, Fartlek, 10 x 90 seconds hard, 2 minute easy run between efforts, 2 mile cool-down. Total mileage—about 9 miles

Wednesday, February 10: cross train

Thursday, February 11: 6 miles easy

Friday, February 12: OFF

Saturday, February 13: 2 mile warm-up, Race By George 10K (break 46!), 2 mile cool-down. Total mileage—10 miles

Sunday, February 14: 7 miles easy

Weekly Mileage Total: about 32 miles

Here's to a break from the snow and a return to normalcy!

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  1. Even my 2nd grader is asking to go back to school. I split 14 miles between an icy loop today and running on the treadmill. I'm sure tomorrow's 7 will be indoors as well, sigh.

    The snow can just go away as far as I'm concerned.