Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thanks, Coach!

The other day after a run, I was waiting in line to get some coffee, and the college's football coach was in front of me, whom I had never met. I had just finished an 8 mile run, and my face was still quite flushed. He asked me if I had a good workout, and I said yes, it was a good 8 mile run. He seemed surprised, and I said, yes, but I was more proud of my 20 mile run. He asked me my name, about my training and Boston, and if the race was going to be on TV. He then shook my hand and told me good job. Thanks Coach!

I met with Sarah last night. Not only does she design my marathon training schedule, she is excellent at Latin (quite the marketable skill). For class, I had to come up with a prepared translation about an attempted murder of a Roman emperor. After much help, I emerged with a better understanding of the passage, and hopefully a good translation. Once the Latin was pushed aside, we went back to talking about running. She asked about training, because she knows that my mileage has shot up in recent weeks. My first question for her was, "How hungry are you?" Thankfully, she told me she consumes about 3000 calories a day (we are running about the same mileage). What a relief, because my appetite has shot up along with my mileage. Sarah's been happy with how my times have been with my track workouts. She asked if I was feeling tired from the mileage increase. I was at first, but am slowly adjusting, which she said happened when her mileage went up too. Glad to know I'm normal. Thanks coach!

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