Saturday, July 24, 2010

Family Reunion

It's been an interesting week. I had come off of a weekly mileage PR - 60 mileage, took my comps, and finished the first session of my gifted summer camp. This week started the second session of camp, and a recovery week. I certainly needed - not just my legs, but my brain too. As much as I love medieval history, a little time off and away has served me well. And just like recovering from a marathon, I need to rest before I step back into school in the fall.
So, I am swinging back. Got into the weight room on Monday for the first time in a month. Got some aqua jogging in too on Wednesday, my legs appreciated that.
Monday, July 19: swim, weights
Tuesday, July 20: 2 miles warm-up; Fartlek on roads, 10 fartleks at 90 seconds with 2 minutes easy run rest between each hard effort. 2 miles cool-down. Total mileage: about 9 miles

Wednesday, July 21: cross-train

Thursday July 22: 6 miles easy

Friday, July 23: OFF

Saturday, July 24: 14 miles easy

Sunday, July 25: 4 miles easy and strides (6x150 meters)

Total Mileage: About 33 miles

It's been a bit of a family reunion at camp. My brother, Ryan, came here this year to be an RA, and I am thrilled he is here. He is a great kid (about to start his junior year at ND), and absolutely hilariously. I tend to be very serious, and he knows how to loosen me up and make me smile. I know he has enjoyed camp, but I am not sure if he realizes how much better he has made camp for me. Last Saturday night, for example, I had to have a late dinner and he stuckaround after his friends left to make sure I wouldn't eat alone. Feeling exhausted and grateful, I almost cried - was very touched. Or this week, he got me coffee when I couldn't go out of the office. It's the little things...
This is a picture of us during the first week at camp. He's 4 years younger, but some think we're twins! Nope, I am the older by far.

A bunch of my summer job friends have family in town this week too. It's amazing how a little extra family blood around makes such a positive difference. Smiles are back and bigger, and people just seem to be a bit lighter this week. One of my friends (Florida) has her family in town, and her kids are my quasi niece and nephews. So, we've been getting in lots of play time, hugs, hair styling, dinosaurs, and knights (I didn't even have to sell knights and medieval mania to 5 year old Henry, he got into that himself!).
Overall, based on the success of the week, I think it is fair to attribute that to the families. What a difference shared chromosomes make!

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