Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Rave Run

At my summer job (camp for gifted kids), we have a dance every Friday night. One of the traditions is that the kids "rave," meaning they swing around glow-sticks during "Sandstorm" by Da Rude. They're pretty good at it (after all, they are talented), and it is very cool to watch. I decided to swipe a few of their glow-sticks (they throw them up in the air after they're done) for this morning's run.
I am starting to find a certain thrill about early morning runs. There's something exciting about beating the sun and beating most of the world out of bed. I am catching people on Friday night while I am starting Saturday morning. I started this morning with glow-sticks on my wrist. Fluorescent green and purple illuminated the path as I commenced my 20 mile journey. As light began to dawn, I definitely had found my stride. It was so cold out! 50 degrees - perfect running weather. Wore my arm warmers for a few hours - I haven't done that since March. Then picked up my friend Jenny after I ran 13. We set out for our 7 together, and it really helps to break up the run like that. It was so beautiful outside, we ran up and down so many hills, and at one point, the way the sun was coming up was absolutely breathtaking. You can't start a day better than that. We finished a la Rocky, victorious and running up the stairs to our office.
Between the 2 of us, we covered 27 miles, and it felt good. Sure the legs are a little sore, and we may wince when sitting down today, but there is definitely a smile beneath that groan.
If I can bang out a 20 miler with 4 hours of sleep, and use the phrase "bang out a 20 miler," something must be clicking.
A beautiful morning, good mileage, great company. Definitely a rave run.


  1. Mac laugh! Bang out a 20 miler ...! Well you've helped inspire me for my 20 tomorrow so thanks!

  2. 20 miler—sweet! You are truly an inspiration for me homeslice. Congratulations on passing your comps and getting ready to kick some butt doing your PhD!!

    Doctor Vanessa. I like the sound of that. You rock!

    -Dr. Mark