Monday, July 12, 2010

With 2 months to go...

...I'm feeling good.

I always check in with myself at the two-month mark prior to the marathon. Rochester is 2 months away, and while I don't have the butterflies that I did before Boston, there is a feeling of excitement. And like then, I am more prepared than I was. My average weekly mileage is where I peaked last time, and this week, I am setting a new PR of weekly mileage. I looked back at my Boston plan, particularly the track workouts I did, and there is a difference. Not only are the workouts longer (last time they started at 10 miles and worked up to 14.5 - now they started at 12 and already are at 14), but the expected times are a lot faster. Instead of mile repeats starting at 8:00, they start at 7:20. Same with 800s - instead of starting at 3:55, I start at 3:37. It's always good to do a bit of a quantitative comparison to see how things are coming along.

And the big thing that became a deal-breaker in my evaluation: this weekend's 20 miler. Definitely a big confidence-booster. I am sure I will have a couple more 20 milers to reckon with, but this was a good one.

I do still need the 2 months for some maintenance work, but I am right where I whould be. I've been slacking on the weights since I got to Saratoga, but I've been getting in the pool twice a week. But, once my comps are over (they are Wednesday and Thursday), it will be back to the weight room.

Monday, July 12: Swim

Tuesday, July 13: 2.5 mile warm-up; 2 mile cut-down on track, start at 7:15 pace and cut down 2-3 seconds per lap. 4 mile run. 10x400 meters, jog 200 meters between each rep. Start at 1:40 and take 1-2 seconds off per interval. 2.5 mile cool-down. Total mileage—14.5 miles

Wednesday, July 14: 3 miles easy

Thursday, July 15: 5 miles easy

Friday, July 16: Tempo Run; Run first 2 miles at very comfortable easy run pace; 12 mile tempo run; start at 8:20 pace then try to work down the last few miles to about 8:05 pace. Run 2 miles easy for cool-down: Total Mileage: 16 miles

Saturday, July 17: 3 miles easy

Sunday, July 18: 18 miles easy

Total Mileage: 59.5 miles

And today started my friend Jenny's training for MCM. I put her on the Rookie Plan from Runner's World, which is what I used when I trained for my first marathon (National Marathon) in 2009. It's a good one, and eases you into the longer runs very well. And before you know it - it's time for the 20 miler!

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  1. Good luck with the Rochester marathon. I would do but I am doing a olympic distance tri the next weekend.