Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cheers to Fall

Happy fall! And happy 200th posting!
I had a good session at the gym last night. Back to pushing 175 on the leg press, and juts building up strength in general. Got some good core work in as well. There's an exercise when you hop (think like jumping rope with the bouncing) between 2 half bosu balls - strengthens your legs and core. Place one in front of the other, and have one foot on each. Now switch back and forth, getting faster and faster. It definitely takes practice to get used to the rhythm. I must look like a nut, but I know it works!
I got to wear running tights this morning! I know it's going back up to 70 in a few days, but I am loving this weather while it's here. It's all I can do not to pack up and move to, I don't know, Vermont, so I can enjoy this weather in some sort of lodge. Not the worst idea when I write my dissertation. But I'm getting carried away.
The weather was great. The air was cold enough to wake me up, but not to give me the chills. I could see my breath a little, and to just have that stark, fresh air all around me carried me out the door. On days like today, when I just went out for a run, no speed work, no challenge or tempo, those are the glory days. I don't even know what I thought about this morning. Thoughts came and went over the passing of the miles, but nothing weighed heavily in my mind.
I took this right when I came back from my run. Face is red, not from heat, but the cold! Hooray! Nothing like hot coffee to warm up afterwards (gatorade and chocolate milk followed too). Cheers to fall and to good, unweighted, runs that lie ahead!

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  1. Me likey good buddy. I have started to hit the weight again after some SERIOUS time off. All I can say is... OUCH!

    Can't wait to run with you in November.