Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thinking ahead

I don't know how many of you out there break up your running into seasons, but I know I like to. Yes, there tends to be a fall marathon and a spring marathon, but there are also a few months in the year not devoted to the marathon training. In the early summer, I worked on some short races, which helped to improve my racing tactics. As we enter the heart of fall, I am looking to work on my 10k time. If I can break 45 minutes, then I will have met the majority of my 2010 running goals. I have 2 10ks on the horizon, one on Thanksgiving Day, and one in mid-December. It is my hope to get to the mid 45 range for the first one, and then break the 45 minute barrier in the second. Here is the plan: Speed workouts on Tuesdays. Tempo runs on Saturdays. Long runs (10-12 miles) on Sundays. The other 2 days of running (Wednesday and Thursday) are just easy days. I am excited to work on this distance. The pace is not fast enough (like a 5k) to feel completely awful, yet the distance is long enough to have lots of time to pass people and throw in some surges. Plus, it is my hope that as I work on the 10k, I will set up a good base for marathon training when it kicks off mid December.
I ran 10.7 miles today. This was my last long run before the Marine Corps Marathon. I even included a few miles on the National Mall, just to get a taste of it before I see it again next week. Chills and emotions were certainly present along my run as we shift into the marathon week. While the temperatures have changed, the air will also change in this final week. The city will shift as it prepares to accomodate over 20,000 runners. All of the marathoners will seek to strike a balance between mentally preparing for a major race yet not letting those thoughts dominate the entire week. It's always tricky, but good to know that everyone else is feeling that way, too!
I'd like to highlight a series of great profiles over on Running Times. The National Women's Marathon Championships are a part of the NYC Marathon on November 7th. Running Times profiled 3 women who could fare very well in the championships -- and they are not full time runners. They are working women, who managed to squeeze in 100 mile (and in the case of one teacher, 200 mile!) weeks while living another life. Absolutely amazing -- some really can do it all.
On a final note, now that the Halls are out of the Mammoth Running Track Club...can I join? Every club needs a medieval runner, I think, and I could bring a lot to the team. Maybe not an Olympic medal or Boston win, but I could bring a little spunk and knowledge. Coach Terrance Mahaon, keep me posted...

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