Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More than a feeling...

I am now registered for my 6th marathon - the 115th Boston Marathon. Feeling very grateful to have gotten in, given that it sold out in just over 8 hours.
I think there are enough "heated" articles out there about the race filling up, the "slowness" of women's times, and other issues that we should instead turn to a positive spotlight - someone who actually has almost nothing to do with the Boston Marathon: Mary Wittenberg, the president of the New York Road Runners Club. This was a great article about her in the Times. First of all, I did not know she won MCM in 1987 and qualified for the Olympic Trials. Wow! Having followed a lot of the races she has organized, it seems that she always has a very compassionate touch, which is always nice to see. She always speaks very passionately about her job, says it is the best job in the world, and I believe her. Got to love her attitude and dedication - not to just the NYRR and running, but to her family. Here's to you Mary - you are quite the inspiration! Tremendous runner, leader, family-focused woman - amazing!
It is hard to believe that I have now registered for a 6th marathon - still need to cross the finish line for #5! Last week was not just a mini-peak, but a solid peak in training: 3 days of double days. Saturday was a double day too: 16.5 in the morning and 4.5 in the evening for a total of 21 miles. The weekly total was 59 miles! Haven't run that much since August, so it was good to get one high mileage week in before the taper. I'll say it again: double duty can really bump up the mileage. Those afternoon/evening runs really helped to loosen me up and shake out any stiffness accumulated during the morning run. I also had a good session in the weight room last night, which means I feel strong enough to relax during my 2 week taper before MCM.
Point of clarification: There has been a little concern (from my mom) about running 2 marathons 7 weeks apart. Now, I know there are many of you out there who have done this (or more within a shorter period of time), so I have mentioned you all to my mom that no, I am not crazy, people do actually run multiple marathons in a short period of time.
There is a lot of anticipation heading into this marathon - Marine Corps is 12 days away. I will be pacing a friend through her first marathon, and I am excited. Her husband currently has been acting as her "sherpa" during long runs (he rollerblades alongside her and carries her water and fuel), and on marathon morning, he'll pass that role onto me. I'll be her sherpa and pacer, cheerleader, and whatever other hat I'll put on that day. My friend Sarah paced me through the last 10 miles of MCM last year, and it ended in a banner marathon. I'm hoping to lead Jenny to a similar victory.
I may have multiple marathons on my mind, but don't worry, Mom, I have my sanity too. Good runs and great days are here!

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