Monday, January 10, 2011

Everything is new and shiny

Today is a fresh start.
Today is the first day of classes. I already had one (tutorial on medieval monasticism/piety/sanctity), which was a lot of fun. It is just me and the professor, and we talk about one book per week. It is nice to be at the point to have an advanced, intellectual conversation about good books – this kind of thing would have freaked me out a year ago. In a few minutes, I am off to TA for a class about early medieval Rome (400-800), and then tonight will be in a seminar on the late medieval English narrative. All good things! I am also taking German this semester, which starts tomorrow, as well as another tutorial tomorrow on Renaissance education.
Today is my first day on the gluten-free diet. I had pizza and beer last night as a “last hurrah,” and will start things anew today. Went grocery shopping last night. Some of the major staples of my diet: Kix cereal, yogurt, chicken, and rice. Those were my favorites beforehand, and now will be around ALL of the time. I’ll be adding in more stuff too, and will be updating on good meals/restaurants that have great gluten-free options.
Today kicks off 2 weeks of base training before marathon training starts on the 24th. Mondays are cross training days. This afternoon, I am going to swim 2000 yards, and then get on the elliptical this evening after class. XT days will be “double days” – meaning 2 XT sessions a day. I am still in the process of solidifying my school/work schedule, and will be happy when everything is set in stone.
Today is a fresh start. New semester, new diet, new training. Here’s to optimism on a Monday!

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  1. Wow! Most of this post is above my head (and I like to think of myself as a pretty intellectual person) .... Hmmmmm.

    Good luck with the new diet and the new training!! :) I'm excited to follow both of these!