Sunday, January 30, 2011

Finding a New Rhythm

Week 1 of Boston training is in the books. Got in some solid runs. Runs went well, including Saturday's 8x3 minute efforts (a few included hills). I hit a steep hill during the 6th effort, which was really challenging, and definitely made the final 2 hard as well (felt like I was still trying to recover during those efforts). But challenging is good - knee didn't struggle at all and I felt a good kind of fatigue afterward. Then on Sunday I ran 11.2 miles. It was a good run - the sun came out for the first time in a while. And I came back feeling hungry - both for more running and for food.End of month total was 101 miles - glad to break the 100 mark. Plus, when you count all of the swimming/elliptical time, it was definitely a solid month of training.
The training schedule seems to be good - the variety in the workouts/cross-training is more refreshing than draining, which is good.
On Friday, I watched the Millrose games, which were awesome. I was bummed that Lagat didn't win the Wannamaker, but was excited that Sarah Hall won the 1500m. She definitely deserved it - she waited patiently and then when the time was right, made her move. I had a blast watching them (went to the Greene Turtle in Chinatown, which has a great gluten free menu) - a great way to enjoy Friday night.
And speaking of gluten-free: Within the past week, my Safeway has increased their stock in gluten-free products at least fourfold. Went grocery shopping on Saturday and was blown away: they now carry Schrar and Pamela's Products! So excited and excited to feel excited about food again. I was telling my parents that running was the thing that got me excited about food: I loved going out for long runs and then coming back to a hearty meal. Well, with the Celiac Diagnosis, that desire went away for a bit. Now that I am figuring out my new food routine, I am starting to get excited about food again, and finding it a treat to eat, rather than a hassle.
But in a few ways, it seems like my hunger has gone up. In one aspect, my training has increased quite a bit, so yes, I have a bigger appetite. And that is good - I feel like I did when I was training for Boston 2010 (and putting away meals like a body builder). And now that I am finding more things to eat, I am getting excited about that process. But I am also getting hungry for Boston again. I feel like my training is going well enough that I can trust that I can succeed in Boston. Watching the Millrose Games also helped - watching people push themselves is also a thrill. I also feel like I am starting to see the benefits of my cross-training - I have been able to steadily up my mileage with no problems. When Sarah sent me my schedule, she said, "I'm hoping that you will feel very strong, something that you will notice on the runs more than anything." And I think that's true, I do feel strong, which is exciting - I know that it will make a difference in the final miles of the marathon.
So I am developing a new rhythm. Early early mornings Monday Wednesday Friday, new diet, new kind of pancakes, new kind of excitement.
In other news, another elite runner with Celiac disease has triumphed! In the Houston Marathon, Stephanie Rothstein clocked a 10 minute personal best (2:29) in the Sunday's marathon. Coach McMillan says that now that she has figured out CD (diagnosed in 2009), she has experienced a great deal of success. Between her and Amy Begley, that is really good news. Hoping to experience similar success (and maybe an hour difference in marathon time)!

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  1. I'm so excited that your feeling well and that Boston training is going great!! Do you have a particular goal in mind for Boston? You've had some really great marathons in the last year of so!