Saturday, April 16, 2011

And the pilgrim's journey has begun

I have begun my pilgrimage.

Interestingly enough, I am strongly considering developing a project on medieval pilgrimage. It is a fascinating topic, and my interest has piqued this semester with both my own courses and what I am teaching.

Mecca, Jerusalem, Rome are all sites of pilgrimage in the religious realm. But for those who also embody another passion, running, Boston is the pilgrimage site.

People come from all walks of life: old, young, married, single, all over the country and all over the world, to congregate in this one place on this one day. By bus, by train, by car, by plane, all will do whatever it takes to arrive in time for Marathon Weekend.

I hardly needed to verify my gate: the seats were full of lithe runners, donning marathon jackets, drinking water, reading Runner’s World, and gazing far-off in anticipation for what is to come. I am wearing my Boston 2010 jacket, and I exchange knowing glances with the runners,

You and I are here for the same reasons. Our training may different, our life stories may be distinct, but you and I want the same thing. I may understand your lifestyle more than some of those who actually know you, and in that way, we are comrades and pilgrims together on this same journey.

There is an unspoken excitement in the air. And this was what greeted us upon arrival in Logan:

I am now staying with my best friend for the night, and my parents will arrive tomorrow. And the clock keeps on ticking until Marathon Morning.

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  1. I smiled when I saw the title as it is perfect for a medievalist!