Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Quest for the Gluten Free Donut: Kinnikinnick

...there lived a medieval celiac runner in the far-off land of Washington. While she had tweaked her diet and found new products, one food still was lost to the Gluten War: the donut. That perfect, sweet, best post-run snack ever that goes down the best with coffee. It was snatched by the wicked Gluten Monsters, who said that the Medievalist would never have a donut again.

Zounds! What ho! How could this be?

Surely, there was someone who knew who to right this awful wrong. So the Medievalist went on a quest for months: searching across the lands for the gluten-free donut.

After traversing distant lands (and the Internet), the Medievalist found: Kinnikinnick. Behold! A company that made gluten free bread, cookies, and could it be? The gluten free donut!

She tries the cinnamon flavored one after a 6 mile run. The adrenaline was rushing in exciement - would it be the sweet taste she had once remembered?

ABSOLUTELY! It tasted delicious - sweet, good texture, and actually a bit lighter than a regular donut. And behold, the world was right-side-up again.

Kinnikinnick has freed the donut from the evil Gluten Monsters. This was an impressive feat - and a very sweet victory.

Seriously, this is an awesome product. They also sent me some cookies and sandwich bread, which have been delicious. But this is certainly their finest product, I think in part because they did what seemed to be impossible.

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