Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cake for breakfast?

During peak week, all bets are off.
I ran 189 miles in March, plus a ton of elliptical time and rowing. While the peak has been going well, I am completely exhausted. School, work, and teaching all have been busy, and combining that with the highest training week of the season has me very much yearning for the taper. Although my energy has waned, I'll tell you one thing that hasn't this week - my appetite! I eat breakfast every morning, yet I am pawing around for my lunch by 11, 11:30. And I am sure that is normal - you up the training, your appetite is going to soar as well. So, I end up parceling my lunch into several meals. But breakfast has been odd - I eat two breakfasts. I have Kix cereal before I train, but I need something else after, something to eat at my desk while I am reading about medieval saints, pilgrims, witches or what have you. Now, we have a Starbucks on our college campus, so a lot of my friends grab a pastry, call it breakfast, and move on. I can't have those pastries anymore (which is fine, they are so overpriced), but I need that second breakfast.
Aha! I made vanilla cake (Pamela's Vanilla Cake Mix) - no frosting - looks beautiful and tasty. So why can't I bring that?
Behold...cake for breakfast! I am having my cake and eating it t00. I see no problems here. It is very light, yet filling, and gets the job done. Needless to say, it also made think of the Bill Cosby Chocolate Cake for Breakfast routine, "Eggs, milk, oh goody! - that's nutrition!"
I can't find a bad thing about this. Can you?
I did a 12 mile run this morning with 10 miles at sub 8 minute pace. The sun finally came out at the end, which was lovely!
Tomorrow's 19 miler marks the end of peak week - thank goodness!

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