Friday, May 20, 2011

Five Footraces of the Past and Future

5 footraces I wished I had seen:
1960 Men's Marathon - Rome - Abebe Bikila winning Olympic gold barefoot

1982 Duel in the Sun - Boston Marathon between Dick Beardsley and Alberto Salazar

1984 Women's Olympic Marathon - Joan Benoit Samuelson pulling away at the 5k and never looking back

1996 Boston Marathon - Uta Pipping winning her 3rd Boston Marathon and overcoming major GI issues along the way

2003 London Marathon - Paula Radcliffe breaking her own world record

5 races of the future:
Philadelphia Half Marathon 2011 - I have never "just" trained for a half - I am excited that it will be big focus for summer/fall training.
London Olympics 2012 - I loosely recall watching part of the men's marathon in 2008. I was not a runner then, and I just remember being amazed at the distance. Now that I know the sport more and know the athletes, I cannot wait to watch this.
NYC 2012 - It will be my NYC debut, and return to the marathon after what will be a year long hiatus. Can't wait to run through all 5 boroughs with 40,000 other people.
Chicago date TBD - I have watched this race on TV and it just looks stunning. Spirit of the Marathon is one of my favorite movies, and it features the 2005 Chicago Marathon. It is on my list to run at some point of the future.
2020 Olympic Trials - Location Undetermined. I don't know if I'll ever knock off 44 minutes, but who knows what my time will look like by then. And if I don't ever qualify for the OT, I definitely want to go and watch them at some point.

What are your dream races?

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