Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I think if I treat the big days like Boston, I'll be all set

Last night was my German final. I spent all week getting ready for it. Flashcards, practice translations, anything German I could get my hands on. And the whole class came down to this 2 hour exam. I am not the most calm test taker, so I needed to be careful that I didn't freak out to much. So, I could either do that and set my self up for a hard day, or...
Treat the big days like the Boston Marathon
I got up, and did a 2 mile shake out run
I studied
I listened to pump up music
I did plyometrics (more about that in a minute)
I studied.
I wore running clothes and tucked my rosary in my pocket, as usual
I wore my Boston shoes.
Walking to school, I tried to just relax and think easy.
I thought about Boston, and how the hard work paid off.
I said a quick prayer, and then it was time to begin.
The first chunk was hard. The second part was better, and I was surprised. The third part was an hour-long translation. This was the part I was most nervous about. But, the time flew by, and I worked my way through. Soon, the professor walked by, told me to just check my work one more time, and then hand it in.
Such relief! My brain hurt almost as much as my body did after Boston, but I prepared right. Now, I have to wait a bit longer for the results, but I know I did the best I could.
Funny how the reliance on a few good rituals/tricks of the trade can make such a difference.

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