Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Live every week like it's peak week

This week is peak week in my Boston training. Only a few more hard days of workouts, and then it will be time for the taper.

But what if we live every week like it's peak week? All out, no questioning of the difficulties ahead, knowing that the hard work will pay off...and that rest will soon be on its way.

Last night's track workout was excellent! The weather was absolute perfect: 50 and the sun was not too high in the sky and a light breeze. The task: 2.5 mile warm up, then 6 x 1 mile repeats (starting at 7:30 and knocking 5-7 seconds off for each), 2.5 mile cool down - 12.5 miles.

The result: 7:26, 7:18, 7:10, 7:04, 6:59, 6:49. When I got through the first mile, I was not sure how the rest would pan out. Granted, I had a half marathon a few days ago, but the first few miles were still slower than half marathon pace (7:14). It was after the fourth repeat that some doubt set in. I wasn't necessary too fatigued, but I knew I would have to keep digging in order to accomplish what was laid out. The following German phrase (I'm learning German this semester) kept coming back to me:

Immer schneller und immer schwieriger. Increasingly faster and increasingly difficult. That is exactly what these workouts are supposed to be. So, yes, it took a little more oomph to go faster in the end, but that is what lies at the heart of training -- the ability to find the next layer and dig deep.

This morning I rowed 5600 meters in 30:01 and did some weights. It felt awesome. I think one of the things that has improved is my strength - while I am never going to bench 100 pounds, I am a lot stronger than I was 3 months ago, and that is a great feeling. Elliptical will happen this afternoon. Tomorrow is my shortest training day of the week - 8 mile run. These were a couple of the professional pictures from Saturday: I am in the back in the second one, but it's just me and the guys. While I am in no way beating all of the women, I am moving up to where I can run comfortably with men, and that is a cool feeling.

Off to read and take on peak week!


  1. Love this! Good luck with finishing up your peak week!!! Can't wait to see how Boston is for you! :)