Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chills in June

As a runner, I tend to get fairly sweated, even during long runs in the winter. I heat up quickly, within a mile or two, and that's that. Today was a bit different. Today was an 8 mile run, and as far as my route was concerned, standard. It was in the high 60s and humid. Around mile 5, I was starting to get really hot, but then the opening from the "Spirit of the Marathon" soundtrack came on. Chills. From having sweat all over, my body cooled down. Goosebumps on my arms and legs. The music from "Spirit" is quite beautiful and inspiring. I even played it in the car driving to the Boston Marathon on marathon morning. It helped calm me down and focused on the day ahead. So, I think the memories of that came flooding back today. Once the song ended, I figured that was it. But about a mile later, "I've got a feeling" by the Black Eye'd Peas came on. How does that cause chills? They played it in the Athlete's Village as we were walking to the starting corrals. That was the final thing that both relaxed me before the race and what got me excited. Since then, whenever I hear it, I always think about Boston. It was back on today, and as it came on, my strides grew bigger and faster, and the chills were back. It's amazing how good music and memories can do that.
On a different note...
What is it about track workouts? The endless circles? Whatever it is, IT'S WORKING.
Mark ( and I went out on Tuesday to do mile repeats. I was supposed to start at 7:25 pace and knock off 5-7 seconds per repeat (4 in total). But in reality:
7:20 (oops)
7:11 (slow down!)
7:03 (this was the hard one)
6:57 (hurry, hurry!)
So fast! But managed to successfully knock off time with each repeat, even at a pace faster than expected. It's amazing what you can do when the conditions are right. Mark did very well too. We were both really happy with how it went, especially given the heat that we had when we did mile repeats the last time.
It definitely kicked week 2 of training off to a good start:

Monday, June 7: swim, lift

Tuesday, June 8: 2.5 mile warm-up; 4x1 mile, 500 meter jog between each mile repeat. Start at about 7:25 minute pace, try to cut-down each mile by 5-7 seconds. 2.5 mile cool-down. Total mileage: 10 miles

Wednesday, June 9: 6 miles easy

Thursday, June 10: 8 miles easy

Friday, June 11: OFF

Saturday, June 12: 15 miles easy

Sunday, June 13: 7 miles easy

Total Mileage: 48 miles

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