Sunday, June 20, 2010

Last year in this age group

Just celebrated a birthday - 24. Now, there is nothing of note with 24, but it gives me one more year in this age bracket for races before I move up to the 25-29 bracket with all of the fast runners. Hopefully that gives me a good solid year to prepare for that.
Anyways, my birthday kicked off with a HOT run with my 2 triathlete buds: So spoiled to be in the company of not 1, but 2 great guys! Plus, ice cream cake, a new Garmin, and calls from my friends and family all amounted to a great day.
I did a bunch of reflecting on the past year - not just because I've aged, but because I am back in Saratoga Springs for my summer job. Stepping on campus, it feels like I've never left. I've been doing this job since 2006, and I always love coming back. Coming back means starting a new season, and it made me pause and account for the past year.
I've grown up a lot. At this point, you'd think that the growing up was over, but that is not the case. This time last year, I told my good friend Jenny that I was entering a time of uncertainty and unknowns. It was the end of a relationship, among other things, and to say I felt like I was just stumbling. And after months of struggling, I started to come out on the other side of the tunnel. Training for and running the Boston Marathon helped -- I felt on top of the world, and I got to the marathon because of my efforts, and no one else's. It was definitely a big turning point and a great step in a new direction.
This morning I was re-reading a wonderful book, The Present, which I first read last summer when I was trying to figure things out. It taught me a lot and gave me a great sense of perspective -- I highly recommend it. Re-reading it was wonderful - it reminded of how I felt then and how I feel now - big difference. I can stand on 2 feet, can stand tall, and run with a stride. Amazing what a difference a year makes.

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