Saturday, June 12, 2010

Victory in the 5k - RR

Until a local 5k last year where I placed 2nd, I never envisioned winning a race. Perhaps that's because in 9th grade indoor track meets,I would get lapped. Not really the confidence booster I was looking for. But in the past year, I've realized maybe, just maybe, I could win. Yes, there are lots of women who can run a 5k faster than me, but I've had a couple of close finishes...maybe it was my turn.Today was the Meaghan's 5k (to benefit Lung Cancer) and my mom's second 5k. She was very nervous because she wanted to set a new PR (her first race was 36:21). I was nervous too - 5ks often freak me out more than a longer race. The forecast predicted thunderstorms - but no rain today! It was cloudy and humid, and the sun held out from coming out until after the race. Isn't this picture cool? The jumping guy ended up winning in 16:10.
I lined up in the second row at the start - next to one other girl and behind all of the fast-looking guys. And the gun went off! Girl next to me
(skinny little high school girl - definitely a cross country runner) takes a 50 yard lead. I decide
to let her stay there for now, and hang onto second for a little bit. Girl stays in first for the half mile, but I slowly gain on her. We ran side by side for about 20 seconds, then I surged and never looked back. That is a lesson learned from last year - I ran a race, looked back while I w
as in the lead, and then got passed. I've learned (thanks to this great article on racing tactics from Running Times) to only look back when turning on a corner - then you can check in and figure out where people are without showing that you're checking in. I didn't see her on the corners (the course was a square), so I felt like I comfortably had the lead. At this point, I was just running with the men. It became a back and forth game at this point. I would pass a few guys, and then go back and forth with a guy. I felt a lot more comfortable during this race compared to the Police Week 5k I ran in May, even though I was running the same pace. At the water stop (halfway), it was confirmed that I was "first lady," which was how they worded it. Okay, hang on, hang on. I did go out too fast (first mile 6:40 - not ready to run at that pace yet), but was hanging on (but not for dear life this time). It is always nice to see the 3 mile mark. However, .1 sounds so small as a decimal, but there are still 200 meters to go. People started clapping at this point (the pink visor was fairly visible at this point) and yelling "first woman."
Very cool feeling, but it was so much cooler to actually break the finish tape - something I've wanted to do for a while. Woo! My brother Ryan and my grandparents were there to watch me finish. 21:53 - a tie with my 5k PR. After I caught my breath and grabbed something to drink, I headed back to the finish line to watch my mom come in. She surprised us all (she wore a pink top, so it was also easy to spot her), she came in 33:08! A new PR by over 3 minutes! She did such a great job - definitely a victory for our family today. Mom couldn't believe how much better she did, but she kicked with .3 to go! I am so proud of her!
They had an award ceremony afterward, and I
got a gift certificate to Medved (running store) good for a pair of Saucony shoes! Pretty excited about that - will have to go get the pair before I head off to Saratoga on the 20th. Any recommendations on favorite Sauconys?
Overall, it was a great race and a victory for both me and my mom.


  1. You know... coffee isn't exactly the best recovery drink for hydrating.

    Awesome work—both of you!

  2. Congratulations!!! I can't wait to see you!